How Hologic is Using Aquant to Overcome Three Key Challenges



Hologic, Inc. is a medical technology company primarily focused on women’s health; it sells medical devices for diagnostics, surgery, and medical imaging and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of those devices.

  • Founded: 1985
  • Headcount: 6k people worldwide
  • Revenue: $3.85 - $4 billion


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    Workforce complexities and availability of talent

    • Given the level of complexity and longevity of Hologic’s devices, the front-line technical support and field service teams are expected to retain vast knowledge.
    • The most successful people on the team have a deep understanding of the products they support, many with 10+ years of experience on a specific product.
    • However, training to a high level of proficiency can be a lengthy process, and current talent markets are heavily in favor of the job seeker. Finding the right people with the appropriate level of talent to work in this field is a major challenge.
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    The rising cost of service

    • Repeat visits, prolonged time to resolution, or dispatching a field engineer for an issue that could have been resolved remotely significantly contribute to high service costs.
    • Paired with inflation and supply chain constraints, Hologic identified the fastest pathway to resolution as the highest priority. Shifting the service lifecycle left was critical.
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    Measuring workforce lifecycles holistically

    • To measure workforce lifecycles holistically, the team needed to evaluate end-to-end service lifecycles rather than just First Time Fix Rate.
    • This required a comprehensive view of service events, including remote troubleshooting, dispatch, diagnosis, parts used, costs, and resolution, to accurately assess metrics and their impact on service costs and customer experience.


Prior to implementing Aquant, Hologic took steps to improve service delivery through the use of analytics tools. They deployed Salesforce to further understand customer impacts and gain visibility to service events. By digitizing their data and information, Hologic was able to leverage basic analytics on performance. However, over the years, they understood the need to elevate their digital transformation journey in a way that kept up with the constant changes and expectations facing the market.

It’s important to note that while Hologic was ahead of the curve on its digital transformation journey, Aquant works with clients no matter where they stand in their journey.

Pierre Malboeuf, VP of Field Service Americas at Hologic said:

“Service intelligence helps us understand and analyze how our teams are performing with respect to our customers. It helps us drive both productivity and enhance customer experience overall. Prior to Aquant, we relied on our most experienced and knowledgeable workers to build out workbooks –- a process that would take an untold amount of time – and then relay that information to our executive leadership team or our global leadership team. Aquant’s technology is a massive time saver in this respect.”

Pierre explained,

“The fact that Aquant is the market leader in service intelligence was critical in our decision to partner. We’re able to gain insight into how our resources, employees, parts, and products are performing and that is something that is not provided through any of our other tools.”

Service intelligence, an AI-powered software designed to improve efficiencies across field service teams, was able to give Hologic a better view of their customer interactions, insight into how their resources and teams were performing, and how the product is performing from a service expense perspective – these critical metrics were not provided through any of their other technologies.

Pierre also commented on his experience working with Aquant on a day-to-day basis. He said,

“I couldn’t be happier with the level of response that I receive from the team.”


  1. Workforce complexities and availability of talent:
    Aquant is helping Hologic upskills technicians and reduce the skills gap

    Using Aquant’s Triage tool, technical support specialists and field service engineers now have technology that provides them with pathways to solutions at their fingertips. Service teams can now easily view centralized knowledge. The Triage questions can help standardize troubleshooting efforts while the solutions can provide specific tasks or parts required to resolve an issue. For some, Triage’s solutions provide confirmation of what they already know, for others, it provides confidence to approach any situation knowing they have solutions curated by those who have already solved the issue at hand.

    Service Insights enables front-line service managers to understand the performance of their teams. They use it to have coaching conversations to get a better understanding of what’s impacting performance. This allows managers to focus on key conversations with their team and quickly identify coaching opportunities.

  2. The rising cost of service:
    Aquant is enabling more remote resolutions, fewer dispatches

    One of the more significant business challenges they were looking to overcome was that they were dispatching technicians for a substantial number of cases that ultimately could have had a remote resolution.

    Since implementing Aquant, Hologic has been more intentional when dispatching technicians. Cases with a Triage investigation result in a significantly lower dispatch rate compared to cases without triage because Service Intelligence has enabled the teams to better understand which cases require dispatch and which can be resolved remotely. This has allowed them to conduct more remote resolutions and fewer dispatches. Not only does this result in higher customer satisfaction, but it significantly reduces costs.

  3. Measure workforce lifecycles more holistically:
    Aquant is helping Hologic measure what matters

    Aquant provides its primary users at Hologic insight into key metrics across the entire service lifecycle. So instead of just focusing on first-time fix rates, they have a holistic view of their workforce, assets, and customers. This allows them to get a more accurate representation of the overall service they’re delivering. For example, Hologic was notorious for having a very high first-time fix rate but that doesn’t mean anything for cost savings if they aren’t reducing the average number of visits per asset, reducing parts usage, improving the customer experience, etc.

    Prior to Aquant, the teams spent endless hours building workbooks only to get a narrow view of the metrics, but with Aquant, teams at Hologic are able to get an accurate and holistic view of the business instantly. This enables leaders to make data-driven decisions that impact their bottom line: enhancing customer experience and improving profit margins.


Aquant is more than just an AI platform. We are a data company that treats our customers like partners and are regularly checking in with them to understand their goals and how we can use their data to best support them. Here are some of Hologic’s goals and a brief explanation of how Aquant plays a role in achieving those goals this year and beyond.

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    Continue to improve remote resolution:

    Aquant is looking at cases with the highest remote fix success and is working towards flagging additional high-success solutions.

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    Reduce repeat service visits:

    Aquant is working to evaluate the service cases with the lowest success rate so the Hologic team knows where to make improvements.

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    Reduce parts shotgunning:

    Aquant is continuing to identify field engineers or specific observations where multiple parts are installed so the Hologic team can reduce spend on unnecessary parts.

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