Appliance Industry

Solve every appliance service issue with your personalized AI Co-Pilot.

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Your service challenges are unique and complex.

Aquant Service Co-Pilot understands the nuances of each case and asset. Our solution is designed to deliver transformational results by going deep and providing a personalized, fully contextualized experience for every service persona.

Optimize your Resolution Rates with personalized AI.

Use our personalized AI platform in call centers to optimize remote resolutions or triage complex problems in the field. With service-focused insights, you can also align your strategy with your company OKRs and proactively monitor the business impact of change.

Improve First-Time Fix Rates

Reduce Resolution Costs

Reduce Time to Competency

Gather, connect, and analyze all data sources

When your entire team performs like the top 20% of the workforce, you can attain:


reduction in service costs


faster Resolution Time


less Visits Per Asset Per Year

Enable call centers to diagnose faster and solve problems without any holdups.

With rising machine complexity and many assets, you need a solution that has an in-depth, contextual understanding of every asset and unique problem. 

Aquant Service Co-Pilot learns from your organization’s unique assets and historical workforce data and generates personalized recommendations that help you reach the root cause faster. With a simple interface and guided experience available for both web and mobile, you can get to solutions in seconds, not minutes.

Delivering exceptional service experiences with no interruptions. 

Data quality issues? No problem. We offer a solution to get you up and running in two weeks. Aquant Service Co-Pilot learns from your service language and transforms your data into trusted sources, paving the way for you to deliver an exceptional customer service experience.

By focusing on high-impact and high-cost problems, we can show you immediate and high-quality results without disruptions.

Reduce onboarding time and upskill teams by combining AI and expert knowledge.

Aquant Service Co-Pilot leverages the knowledge and skills of your best performers to empower your entire team to perform at the same level. With AI, you can significantly reduce onboarding time and training costs. By leveraging service-focused insights and predictive analytics, you can have complete visibility of team performance and proactively drive your strategy.


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