Drive Your Strategy with Service-Focused Insights

Get everything from service performance overviews to tailored recommendations on where to focus your attention—all in one place. Track service performance data across your org using Service Insights—no lengthy data management required. Get recommendations and insights into areas of focus that make the most significant impact on improving service delivery.

Drive Better Decisions

Root Cause Analysis

Faster time to value

Centralized View of Your Service Performance

Connect data from across different sources—including structured and unstructured data, Salesforce, and ServiceMax—from any system you choose. No engineering or data wizard help needed. You don’t need to be an expert analyst to understand data points. 

We can get you up and running quickly so you can immediately see workforce performance and observations KPIs. Easily share insights with other stakeholders using an intuitive and seamless experience.

Discover and Prevent Blind Spots

Find and prevent blind spots with more granular insights. Identify the root cause behind customer escalations and reshape your strategy.

Flag potentially problematic parts early to maintain reliability and quality standards. See workforce and asset performance clearly with identifiable operational improvement opportunities and tailored training plans.

Uncover Information Tailored for Your Service Business

Get accurate and actionable insights much faster using a unique approach to modeling and fine-tuning. Our data models are built on industry best-practice KPIs, synonymous with service excellence. 

Use service-focused insights to enable continuous improvements, reduce costs, and elevate customer experience to the next level across your teams.     

“We’ve seen the need to continue to improve how we enable remote service and support, especially considering COVID’s impact. You must support customers how they want to be supported – you can’t assume a one-size-fits-all perspective. We must integrate all our different data sets to produce actionable insights and answer the question: how do we turn information into actionable data points? That’s how we’ll deliver value to our customers and serve them how they wish to be served.”

Linda Tucci,

Senior Global Director of the Technical Solutions Center

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

“Tools like the Aquant insights apply AI and ML technologies to put forward what you should look at. That’s where you start getting the benefit.”

Mark Hessinger,

Senior Vice President of Global Customer Success

3D Systems

“The Aquant system has allowed us to…not just capture the experiences of our technicians, but it’s allowed us to build out this ecosystem of information. What that allows us to do is not just tell a technician what to do but also walk them through the process with the triage.”

Joe Lange,

VP of Service Technology and Innovation

Comfort Systems

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