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Trusted by the world’s leading medical device service organizations

Uninterrupted Patient Care with the Power of AI

As data volume increases and the talent gap intensifies in the medical device industry, embracing transformational change is essential—and generative AI represents the next frontier of innovation.

Designed to address the complexities of the medical device sector.

It provides a unified platform that speaks the service language, from diagnostics to lab and patient care equipment, ensuring that your organization can maximize the value of AI to drive service strategy.

Improve First-Time Fix Rates

Reduce Resolution Costs

Enhance decision-making for all users

Our customers have experienced


Time to Competence for Service Reps


Repair Return Improvement


Reduction in Visits Per Asset

Democratize knowledge from your top employees

Service Co-Pilot goes beyond product manuals and organizational assets. With Knowledge and Triage components, you can combine the data available and tribal knowledge to enable service teams to find the best solution much faster. With guided experience, you can quickly navigate the problem and deliver an excellent service experience for your end customer.

Faster service decisions—all aligned with your business

With Service Insights, you can fully understand how your service business is performing. You can align your initiatives to specific business metrics, compare them with benchmarks, and conduct root cause analysis to prevent blind spots and proactively address issues. With best-in-class AI models, you can maximize the value of all your service data, including structured and unstructured data.

Easily integrate and safeguard your data

We take data security seriously. Aquant offers an open data integration layer with prepackaged connectors for all major CRM systems—all easy to integrate into your existing workflow and tech stack. Service Co-Pilot is a multi-tenant platform with segregated and secured tenant data. Each customer has a unique, locally separated, and isolated environment. Aquant offers enterprise-grade security, complying with SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, GDPR, and beyond.


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