What’s New in Aquant Service Co-Pilot

Eran Granot
What’s New in Aquant Service Co-Pilot

As we dive into a busy and hot summer, we’re thrilled to share some fresh and exciting updates for Aquant Service Co-Pilot.

First, thank you to everyone who joined us at Service Leader Summer Camp! Your enthusiasm and participation made the event a huge success. We’ve been listening to your feedback and understand that leveraging AI comes with its own set of challenges. Many of you have asked:

  • How can you ensure you can trust AI recommendations?
  • How can you improve the solution over time?
  • How can we help call centers and dealers diagnose problems faster?


These are important questions, and we’re excited to address them with our latest product enhancements. We’re committed to helping you navigate these challenges and maximize AI in your field service operations.

So, without further ado, let’s learn about some exciting updates to Aquant Service Co-Pilot!


Use AI you can trust

Building trust is crucial to overcoming skepticism about new technology, so getting it right from the start is extra essential. We learned that many generic AI solutions offer only surface-level recommendations. However, technicians or call center agents are unlikely to trust or use the system again if they encounter irrelevant suggestions. That’s why making each case’s AI recommendations reliable and searchable is vital—and it’s no easy task!

In one of our recent blogs, From Complexity to Clarity: Understanding & Creating the Ultimate AI Service Co-Pilot, we unpacked what it takes to build the perfect co-pilot. But once you’ve created the system, ensuring it continuously improves is just as important.

To support this, we’ve introduced new functionality that lets users share feedback effortlessly and in real time. Admin users and senior experts can now edit responses and manage feedback consistently and quickly.

We’ve worked hard to create an easy way to share, validate, and continuously improve outputs with feedback. With just a few clicks, you can suggest changes to recommendations. Admin users and senior experts can review these suggestions and guide improvements. This simple feedback system builds trust in your AI and enriches your knowledge base, making it stronger and more collaborative.


Get knowledge on the go

Aquant Service Co-Pilot is built to tackle every unique service challenge, whether you’re troubleshooting over the phone in a call center or delivering on-site fixes. Quick access to relevant information can significantly reduce problem-solving time and enhance the customer experience.

We understand how challenging it is to keep up with every new service manual. That’s why we’ve introduced self-service upload, making it easy for admins and experts to upload and manage documentation independently. This ensures your team always has the most up-to-date resources.

We’ve also rolled out several enhancements for our mobile users. Now, you can access assets offline, navigate through observations faster, and save important conversations to your favorites. Like on the web, mobile users can leverage multiple questions to get to the root cause quickly.


Want to learn more about some quick wins made possible by personalized AI? Watch our Mastering the Landscape of Personalized AI session from Service Leader Summer Camp.


Reduce diagnostic time with the power of AI

Empowering technicians, dealers, call center representatives, and third-party service providers is crucial for boosting your service business’ capacity. Providing tailored recommendations at the right time can dramatically reduce Diagnostic Times and Resolution Times. Beyond our existing troubleshooting capabilities, we’ve introduced several exciting enhancements:

  • Improved experience for mobile users: Access information faster and even offline. With smart snippets, you can easily copy and paste notes to collaborate with peers or use them for your records. 
  • Multiple questions for guided troubleshooting: Diagnose problems in seconds with our guided experience and multiple-question feature.
  • Creating your own experience by leveraging an API: Leverage an improved API experience, allowing you to use various web components to build your expertise on Aquant Service Co-Pilot.


Experience the personalized AI difference

Sign up for our 7 Day Challenge (don’t worry—no lift is required from you! 😉). 

In just a week, our analysts will dive into your data, uncover areas of opportunity, and deliver a personalized AI experience tailored to your organization. 

Think of it as our sprint to show you the magic of personalized AI—we love a good challenge.


About the Author

Eran Granot, Director of Product Management, Aquant

For the last 12 years, I’ve focused on technology in field service. Applying the latest technologies to solve real-world problems is always challenging—especially when turning hype into impactful tools that improve field service KPIs. As the Director of Product Management at Aquant, my main goal is to leverage the latest technologies to benefit field service organizations.