The 3 Major Benefits of AI-Powered Self-Service Chatbots for Service Operations in 2023

The 3 Major Benefits of AI-Powered Self-Service Chatbots for Service Operations in 2023

Today’s service delivery culture is an on-demand one. 

When customers need to troubleshoot an issue or order replacement parts, they want quick and efficient solutions. And in customers’ eyes, it’s even better if organizations can offer a self-service option available around the clock.

Innovative service leaders are approaching this new reality with AI in mind. They are finding ways to leverage intelligent self-service chatbots to:

  1. Intelligently troubleshoot product issues
  2. Direct customers to the replacement parts in an eCommerce experience
  3. Provide service 24/7

In this article, we will explore these three significant benefits of AI-powered chatbots for service operations, focusing on how they can reduce costs and increase parts revenue. We’ll also take a closer look at how Aquant is leveraging the power of AI to provide even more self-service options. 

The Benefits of AI-Powered Self-Service Chatbots for Service Operations

Reduced Inbound Calls

Hiring a team of customer service representatives is expensive. A customer calling a call center costs companies an average of 10 times more than if they were to utilize a self-service option. 

AI-powered chatbots offer customers access to easy-to-use, intelligent troubleshooting apps that help them solve their issues instantly and without human intervention. 

These chatbots give your customers direct access to the combined knowledge of your best technicians, not just what’s available on your website. The chatbot asks your customers simple questions about the issue they’re experiencing and dynamically reviews your historical service data to match symptoms with solutions. It can also provide recommended actions, replacement parts, or next steps within seconds.

By reducing the workload of human agents, chatbots can also help businesses save on labor costs, leading to increased profitability. Overall, this results in happier customers and increased cost efficiency.

Intelligent Troubleshooting & Increased Sales of Replacement Parts

Companies are also leveraging AI-powered chatbots to help sell more replacement parts. This seamless experience happens when the chatbot makes recommendations to customers based on the outcome of the self-serve troubleshooting experience.

When these chatbots review customer issues, they often understand precisely which parts should be replaced to get things working again. After the chatbot recommends a solution, it can also quickly link customers to a buying experience on your website.

These are high-intent site visitors with a clear need, so directing them to a part within your eCommerce experience is a slam dunk for increasing part sales and generating revenue.

24/7 Availability

Customers expect immediate assistance, even outside of regular business hours. AI-powered chatbots can provide 24/7 support, ensuring customers can always access help when needed. This can increase customer satisfaction, as customers do not have to wait until the next business day to resolve their issues. 

Chatbots can also handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, so customers do not have to wait in long queues or on hold. Overall, this leads to a more positive customer experience.


Q: How can a chatbot troubleshoot issues for my customers?

A: AI-powered chatbots review your historical service data to align symptoms with solutions. Based on a customer’s observation, the chatbot dynamically pulls the next best question to ask. This helps it zero in on the most-likely fix.

Q: Are these chatbot experiences a static decision tree?

A: No. AI-powered chatbots from Aquant dynamically review data to present the fix with the highest degree of accuracy. The chatbots are given feedback from several sources on their recommended fixes and become more accurate as time passes.

Q: Can chatbots handle multiple inquiries simultaneously?

A: Yes. Chatbots can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, reducing wait times for customers.

Q: Can the chatbot experience be customized to match my website’s branding?

A: Yes. The chatbot experience can be customized to your needs to create a cohesive brand experience that builds customer trust.

AI-Powered Chatbots and Search Tools from Aquant’s Service Intelligence Platform

Aquant’s AI-powered chatbot functionality drives significant efficiency gains, improved customer satisfaction, and cost savings for service organizations in their Shift Left journey. We work with leading companies to make the minds of their best technicians and customer service representatives available instantly to their customers online and deliver high-intent buyers directly to their digital sales teams’ eCommerce experiences. 

These are just some ways that AI for service operations puts service leaders in the limelight. Check out more interactive Service Intelligence demos to see how your organization can benefit at every stage of the service lifecycle.