3 Ways Service Data Will Transform Your Business

3 Ways Service Data Will Transform Your Business

Looking to kickstart–and succeed in–your org’s digital transformation journey? 

First, you need to understand what’s working (and not working) in your organization. Only then can you plan where to allot resources, and what areas of the business need a small modification or a big change.

And to find those answers, look at your data across the organization. 

When leveraged correctly, your data holds a ton of information that may not be visible at first glance. And with the right dataset, a business can unlock insights that can power engineering, sales, finance, supply chains, and more – ultimately helping you focus on the areas and processes that need adjusting.

Without a factual foundation, how do you set priorities for your organization? And without established priorities, how can you begin to move forward in your service journey? No matter which way you spin it, without baseline data, you are fumbling around in the dark. Here are three ways that service data can impact your business – for the better.

1. Keep stakeholders informed.

For an organization to run smoothly, all departments need to work in tandem. And when it comes to information about your assets, any data that you can provide your team is invaluable. For example, your Service team needs insights to run the business, Engineering depends on product feedback, Marketing utilizes insights to inform messaging and campaigns, and Sales benefits from intel on customer satisfaction. Gleaning the right type of insights from your data ensures that all teams have the information they need to do their job well and ultimately create an optimal customer experience.

2. Innovate, manage, and improve all parts of your organization – from customers to internal departments to KPIs.

Harvesting data is the first step in building strategic partnerships with both your customers and within your company. Your data can function as a “map” of your organization – honing in on higher-than-average costs, inefficiencies, equipment problems, and more. But above all, your data can also be used to help you solve those challenges. The good news? “Luckily, most people already have plenty of data – from operator records to teams that perform quality checks – and just need to learn how to leverage it,” noted Sasha Ilyukhin, the SVP of Customer Service Operations at Tetra Pak, during a Service Intel Podcast episode


3. Identify and resolve service issues – before they spiral out of control.

Effortless interactions are the key to winning hearts and wallets, and customers expect a certain level of service. Organizations need a way to see their entire service landscape, hit KPIs, spot concerning patterns, and deliver wow! moments that make them stand out. Your data can help identify customers that aren’t experiencing the great service you may think you’re providing – and helps you spot and mitigate concerning trends before the customer calls out of anger. This keeps customers happy, reducing the likelihood that they’d switch to another service provider. “Loyalty doesn’t just happen – it’s driven by a series of actions and behaviors, and it is not by chance or coincidence,” says Taj Mian of Domestic General in a recent Warranty Intel Podcast episode. “Loyalty is about providing a lot more than just basic service for the consumers – and it can reap incredible results if you get it right.”

Ready to unlock your data’s insights?

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