Service Hero™, Aquant’s new Mobile Triaging App, Empowers Repair Technicians to Become Experts in all Major Home Appliances and Brands

Service Hero™, Aquant’s new Mobile Triaging App, Empowers Repair Technicians to Become Experts in all Major Home Appliances and Brands

Through our work with service organizations and subject matter experts across the globe, we found one common challenge: an ever-increasing knowledge gap. 

We listened to industry demands and got right to work creating an easy-to-use, all-encompassing tool. Today, we’re proud to introduce Service Hero™ for Home Appliances, a new mobile triaging solution that troubleshoots issues pertaining to all major home appliances and brands – and turns every service technician into an expert.

“We designed the mobile triage app to help service technicians resolve issues faster, become more self-sufficient, and have a higher success rate,” said Edwin Pahk, Aquant’s VP of Product Marketing and Business Development. “Service Hero™ improves key factors such as First Time Fix rates, time spent on site, and customer satisfaction.”


Get Instant Access to Home Appliance Repair Info – Straight from the Experts

As younger home appliance repair techs enter the workforce, their more seasoned peers are retiring – and taking decades of experience with them. Without access to on-demand knowledge, techs can’t perform fixes to the best of their ability. As a result, many repair visits include excessive calls to expert techs, leading to multiple future visits and an unsatisfactory customer experience. 

Here’s how Service Hero™ turns any home appliance repair tech into a seasoned expert, regardless of experience or training:

  1. Perform mobile triage for every major home appliance brand and model. From Samsung, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire to GE, LG, KitchenAid, Maytag, and more, Service Hero™ offers mobile triaging for major brands – including the newest of models. Based on the selected brand, model, and reported issue, Aquant’s algorithm offers a diagnosis and suggests the most likely repair and required parts. This helps techs quickly get to the root of the problem and implement the best possible fix.
  2. Access real-life best practices from veteran, certified technicians. That means techs will always have access to accurate repair information based on real-world scenarios. Best of all? Service Hero™ is in a continuous state of self-improvement: it records the final solution and remembers it for future visits, so techs know what to do if a similar problem occurs again. 
  3. Read targeted knowledge articles for additional technical or repair information. Need additional information about a certain appliance or functionality? Instantly access a robust database of knowledge articles and master appliances of all kinds. 


Start improving service from every angle.

Want to see Service Hero™ for Home Appliances in action? Request a free trial today.