Reduce Workforce Burden During COVID-19 With a Free Self-Service Diagnostic Tool

Reduce Workforce Burden During COVID-19 With a Free Self-Service Diagnostic Tool

COVID-19 has drastically altered how we work and live right now. As the majority of Americans practice social distancing at home, field service teams remain critical to keeping factories and healthcare equipment up and running. As we know, work takes them out of their homes and frequently into customer sites. Because distancing is the best approach right now, we want to help service companies reduce in-person service calls as much as possible. To do that, we are rolling out a self-service customer tool. In addition, we created a field service resource community as a place where industry leaders can talk through these unprecedented circumstances. 

Ignite for Self-Service Triage

To help keep field techs out of the field, we are currently offering Ignite, a self-service diagnostic tool, at no cost. The service industry is dealing with extraordinary challenges associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, and we hope this can bring a little bit of relief to overworked and anxious staff. 

Service organizations can add the self-service triaging tool to your website and let customers use the resource to diagnose, and in some cases resolve, simple issues remotely. The diagnostic tool includes an easy-to-use UI that prompts customers to answer questions, and then recommends the most likely fix. It will reduce the burden on your workforce while empowering your customers to quickly resolve issues remotely — think simple device restarts or similar actions. 

How does Ignite Work?

  • The tool scours your company’s unique service knowledge, taking information directly from your manuals and guides.
  • The information is transformed into an easy-to-decipher triage tool, letting your customers type in the problem, and be presented with a likely solution.
  • For even more accurate recommendations, technicians can add their own tribal knowledge to the tool, helping you improve the service documentation, and ultimately providing more accurate information for customers. This is an opportunity to capture the valuable experience of your expert technicians at a time when they’re less active in the field.
  • Ignite software easily launches on your website, giving your customers 24/7 access to resolution tools. 
  • Offer quick assistance. Ignite can be fully deployed and customer-facing in only 7 days. Sign up here to get started.


Field Service Resource Community

In addition to helping reduce the field support workload, we want to be a resource for the community. To help field service leaders support each other during this challenging time, we’ve created a Service Leaders Slack workspace. This is a forum for you, the service practitioners dealing with a rapidly changing world, to share ideas and get advice. We hope it’s an easy way to connect with each other during this challenging time when we aren’t quite sure what the new normal is, or if we’ve gotten there yet. You can join here

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