Aquant’s Key Takeaways From Field Service Palm Springs

Eran Granot
Aquant’s Key Takeaways From Field Service Palm Springs

Earlier this month, the Aquant team attended the Field Service USA conference in Palm Springs. Shoutout to the WBR for hosting an excellent conference—while they never disappoint, this year’s was the best yet. 

We had the pleasure of hosting two successful sessions during the conference. The first was a presentation with Aquant’s Edwin Pahk and our customer, Joe Lang of Comfort Systems USA. The second was a workshop with Sidney Lara and our client, Michael Galon of The Coca-Cola Company. We were thrilled to see over 150 attendees at our workshop with Coca-Cola—the highest number of session participants in Field Service USA history!

I am excited to share some key takeaways from the conference, along with recent product updates the Aquant team diligently developed and unveiled.


Key Takeaways

  • The skills gap remains the number one problem across many organizations. During a workshop with our guest speaker from Coca-Cola, Michael Galon, we spoke with service leaders about their most common challenges. Through the session and various conversations during the conference, we discovered that 76% of field service leaders identified upskilling technicians and designing training programs as the most challenging part of maintaining their workforces


  • The AI market landscape is growing rapidly—making it challenging to select the right tools. Only a few AI solutions were on the market as recently as last year. Now, with the available tools, companies are not grappling with the decision to adopt AI—they are struggling to decide which tool to implement. Plus, it’s much more difficult for organizations to pick the right AI tool, especially if they are doing it for the first time. Many companies are concerned about messy and incorrect data, implementation challenges, and more—everyone wants to get it right without sacrificing privacy and quality.


  • AI is the new standard—it’s time to accelerate adoption. AI has become the most significant competitive advantage. Some organizations are still early in their journey and want to hear from AI front-runners. Their questions usually center around methods for successfully implementing AI in large service organizations, the main challenges they can expect, and how to address them as quickly and effectively as possible.

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I also had the absolute pleasure of meeting with some of our customers—innovative leaders in a space that represents brands such as Siemens, Roche, Coca-Cola, Comfort Systems, Canon, and more—to get their perspectives on these things to learn more about their strategy to leverage Aquant’s Service Co-Pilot to address these challenges. 

We are also happy to share that Joe Lang, one of our customers and steadfast partners, was recognized as an innovative leader at the Field Service Community and received the “Hall-of-Famer” Award.

Congratulations to Joe Lang of Comfort Systems, the “Hall-of-Famer” Award winner!


What’s New at Aquant

We have been helping companies leverage AI for years, and we know how transformational the results can be. We also learned that every challenge is one of a kind, and it’s critical that AI precisely understands the specifics of the business, assets, and unique needs of every persona. 

We brought together the best behavioral scientists and data science experts to build a solution corresponding to these unique needs. We also work alongside our customers to ensure they maximize the tool’s value across their workforce. 

With that in mind, our key enhancements focused on providing:

  • Personalized recommendations: Analyzes cost efficiency and the historical performance of assets to deliver the best recommendations based on the root cause of problems rather than just immediate fixes. The system also adopts recommendations based on the specific persona (technician, dealer, partner, customer) to elevate employee and customer experiences.


  • Advanced guided prompts: Helps users get to the root of the issue faster and more accurately using multiple troubleshooting questions. The system also automatically learns and improves algorithms over time. 


  • Continuous learning: Introduces an improved feedback framework that allows real-time interaction, recommendation editing, and improved AI modeling that automatically adapts and learns from user interactions. This ensures alignment with business strategies.


  • All-in-one experiences: Effortlessly transition from initial queries to in-depth investigations and insights—all within a unified view accessible with a single click.


These improvements to Aquant’s Service Co-Pilot are designed to personalize the AI engine—and enable it to address any service organization’s unique, complex, and varied challenges. We strongly believe it will streamline processes, enhance decision-making with relevant insights, and adapt continuously to align with strategic goals.


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About the Author

Eran Granot, Director of Product Management, Aquant

For the last 12 years, I’ve focused on technology in field service. Applying the latest technologies to solve real-world problems is always challenging—especially when turning hype into impactful tools that improve field service KPIs. As the Director of Product Management at Aquant, my main goal is to leverage the latest technologies to benefit field service organizations.