Scary Stories From The Field: A Collection Of Service Horror Stories

Scary Stories From The Field: A Collection Of Service Horror Stories

Some stories haunt us our entire careers—others serve as a ghoulish reminder of major mishaps we narrowly escaped. Read on for spine tingly chills from the field (inspired by real service scenarios)…if you dare.

A Terrifying Tale About Being Trapped In The Escalation Black Hole

A problematic elevator, failing more than 40 times this year, has trapped several people — again. But this time, it’s a prominent Tik Toker inside and they are live-streaming the ordeal. 

Dozens of technicians make weekly repair trips to the elevator which they’ve nicknamed the Tower of Terror. They’ve replaced cables, refurbished pistons, and swapped electronics. Nothing has solved the long term problem. Instead, they manage to get it up and running, but it always breaks down again within a few days. They are trapped in a never-ending service cycle

Why? The company suffers from a high workforce turnover rate, and their institutional knowledge has left the building. Without a better plan, management decided to live with the consequences of subpar service.

Now, the rival elevator company is responding on social media with an offer to bring in their superhero team to liberate the riders and replace the elevator.

If only they could conjure up the ghosts of elevator repair people past to get better insights into what would work, once and for all. 

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